Coaching takes new leaders to the next level of leadership:

As a new leader you have a lot coming at you all the time and most of it is new. Hiring a coach helps you better understand who you are and who you can become as a leader to set you on the path to "Superboss". A coach who not only has led but who understands the best practices of leadership, is skilled in listening, asking good questions, being a thinking partner, holding up a mirror to blind spots, and helping you to build your capacity as a leader is a winning investment! Tania helps you think about the big picture, the changes you want to implement, how you work with your team, how you communicate, and how your actions impact the people around you. She helps you identify and work through self-imposed limitations so that you can step into the best version of yourself. She is an empathic confidant who shares valuable and needed feedback with you that others in your organization may not. Tania supports your work by providing customized and motivating tools to assist you in creating the change you want for you, your team, and your organization. 

Coaching time is spent:

  • Establishing a coach/client working relationship
  • Co-creating and working off a coaching action plan linked to specific development efforts
  • Taking and reviewing appropriate learning assessments, as needed
  • Distinguishing between leadership and management and providing tools for either capacity
  • Working through a detailed management excellence tool
  • Learning how to execute the pressing demands of leadership and management
  • Detailing work goals that align to the organization’s overall objectives
  • Developing clear milestones, tactics, and timeline 
  • Asking questions that lead to high-impact discussions getting you over perceived barriers
  • Getting in the habit of organizing your time so you can be in control
  • Working through the pressing issues keeping you up at night
  • Teaching you the art of asking good questions that promote capabilities in people
  • Developing a more cohesive and constructive team
  • Creating more dynamic and productive meetings
  • Helping you learn to ‘pivot’ in the moment with difficult communication challenges
  • Information about Temperament and Interaction Styles that impact your capabilities
  • Focusing on developing strong communication skills
  • Ramping up your presentations to keep your audience engaged

Clients will receive:

  • A co-created coaching plan
  • Multiple tools for a variety of business needs
  • Guide to Asking Good Questions pocket tool
  • Assessments and workbooks loaded with useful information

Every leader can be energized and benefit from one-on-one time spent with a person who has their back and supports their evolution. Coaching is an extraordinary investment in you, your team, and your organization. We help you make it stick! 


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