Technology was supposed to make our lives simpler but the truth is that today people are slammed with too much to do, more to do than ever before! Time crunches can create communication crunches. In my work as a coach I have seen my clients heavily tip the scale to telling employees what to do versus asking them more questions to help build their ability to think through solutions. Asking questions gets people thinking. Telling does not. Once people switch to asking more questions and telling less they notice big changes for their employees and for them. Win win!

Interplay Coaching's Tell Less, Ask More talk is designed to shine a light on that pervasive telling/asking paradigm. The goal is to help people understand the rules for asking more and better questions, learn in what contexts they should pivot to asking questions, how to design 'hip pocket' questions, and when it’s just fine to tell people what to do. Building the skill of asking good questions expands your communication toolkit and gives you the confidence that you can handle any kind of conversation more effectively. Plus, participants receive a handy little tool - for pocket or purse - to remind them of the question rules! 


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