What is Strengths-Finders?

What will happen when we think about what is RIGHT with people rather than fixating on what is WRONG with them?”
— Don Clifton, 1924 - 2003

In our culture we have a “weakness-fixing” mindset. Here’s an example: When your child comes home from school and her report card has 4 A’s and 2 B’s we often say something like, “Great job on those A’s but we need to talk about why you got those B’s.” The Strengths approach is the reverse, it reinforces. Instead we would ask the child, “Wow! What did you do to get these A’s? That is a great effort and you should feel proud of your accomplishment.” As you can hear, the latter comment lands totally differently.

Strengths-Finders is an assessment-based tool that helps you understand your talents and how to develop them into strengths for your everyday life. The more a person can understand their dominant talents, what makes them tick, and how to consciously apply those talents to achieve their dreams the more a person will curate the life they’re after.

Strengths coaching aims to propel your talents into strengths. You will learn insights into how you work with others, how you manage the things you are responsible for every day, what motivates and energizes you, and how you think about and process information.

People who work in the Strengths zone…

  • look forward to going to work

  • have more positive than negative interactions with others

  • treat people better

  • achieve more on a daily basis

  • have more positive, creative, and innovative moments

Coaching time is spent:

  • Starting to make sense of your strengths profile and your “Top 5” themes

  • Understanding Theme Dynamics as they relate to you; the interplay of one theme with those of another, including all 34 themes

  • Learning about the 4 domains of strengths and which domains emerge as your strongest areas

  • Playing with strategies and techniques to invest in your talents

  • Outlining how you can get the best out of you

  • Building an Individual Development Plan to help you reach your goals

Getting a coach to help you understand your talents and then learn how to turn those talents into strengths is a great investment in you!

At Interplay Coaching you can have one-on-one personal Strengths coaching with a Certified Strengths-Finders coach. So what are you waiting for? Gain insight into yourself today to help you achieve what you want tomorrow!

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