“Whoever tells the best story shapes the culture.”- Erwin Raphael McManus

Presenters have a great responsibility: making their case while motivating an audience to buy into an idea or take action. An engaging presentation creates a spark between the speaker and audience that can positively impact an organization’s  culture and activate an immediate response.

Interplay Coaching offers one-on-one presentation coaching designed to help you polish your skills through video and feedback. Tania asks questions that help you to focus on the main points, and tell a simple story and think about your presentation from the audience’s perspective.

Coaching time is spent:

  • Understanding the specific purpose of the presentation, its desired impact, and what’s at stake
  • Synthesizing key messages
  • Practicing presentations using proven techniques
  • Teaching breathing techniques for presentations and stressful situations
  • Learning about 10 active theater-based communication skills, and incorporating them into your presentation style
  • Videotaping practice sessions, review, and make adjustments
  • Rehearsing presentation for familiarity and ease of delivery
  • Delivering constructive coaching feedback

Clients will receive:

  • A toolkit of information on best practices for giving attention grabbing presentations
  • Digital videos of client practicing presentation

Every speaker can be re-energized and benefit from one-on-one time spent with a person who has their back and supports their evolution. Presentation coaching is an extraordinary investment in your ability to be an influencer as a speaker. Our whole purpose is to propel you to your highest level of effectiveness, to your best self.

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