“Whoever tells the best story shapes the culture.”- Erwin Raphael McManus


Presenters have a great responsibility: making their case while motivating the audience to action in a way that helps benefit and shape the organization’s future. An engaging presentation creates a spark between speaker and audience that can positively impact the culture of an organization - it must! - so as to ensure that the work at hand is motivating and urgent. In every presentation a story must be told and in the telling of that story your task is to draw the listener to your view, get them to buy-in, and leave them wanting more.

Interplay Coaching offers One-on-One Presentation Coaching designed to help you polish your presentation skills with video practice and "in the moment" feedback. We ask you questions that help you to focus on the main points and tell a simple story that hits home. We ask you questions that provoke you to think about your presentation from the perspectives of your audience members. At the end of the day, we want you to grab the hearts and minds of your audience and leave them changed. 

Coaching time is spent:

  • understanding the specific purpose of the presentation, its desired impact, and what’s at stake
  • synthesizing key messages
  • practicing presentations using a ‘vertical takeoff’** technique
  • teaching breathing techniques for presentations and stressful situations
  • learning about 10 active theater-based communication skills, and incorporating them into your presentation style
  • videotaping practice sessions, review, and make adjustments
  • rehearsing presentation for familiarity and ease of delivery
  • delivering constructive coaching feedback

**What is a Vertical Takeoff?

A Vertical Takeoff, in our coaching/workshop context, is a dramatic tool used for starting a presentation in the middle of the action of a story so as to draw the audience immediately to the speaker’s message. Traditional narrative descriptions can tune out the listener so we work with participants to find a fresh, action-oriented voice to grab their audience’s attention.


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