What if meetings were the best part of your day? What if they were packed with bright ideas, healthy debate, brilliant solutions, and (gasp!) clarity for all? They can be. In this lively and interactive talk Interplay Coaching will teach you how to structure your meetings and wrangle your teammates to create powerful results that propel your people and their projects.

But here’s the thing: meetings are the “canary in the coal mine” for the overall health of your organization. They tell us much about what’s going on in a culture. The Gallup organization recently released a bunch of data around management practices. They found that only about 50% of employees know what’s expected of them at work and 59% of employees don’t know what their organization stands for and how it competes in the marketplace! Wow. if employees don’t even know what is expected of them then how can you expect meetings to be productive. People, there is work to do. If meetings are dull, lazy, and rudderless then the power of a meeting is in hiding, waiting for a more innovative leader to emerge. That person can be you.

Our talk will cover:

  • The purpose of a meeting. What’s the mission?

  • Are the right people in the room?

  • How is the purpose relevant to the people at the table?

  • What are your meeting norms?

  • Do you know the power of lightning round agendas?

  • Learn about a structure 4 meeting that will provide much clarity to your work

  • How do you handle conflict?

  • What practices get you clarity?

  • How can you distinguish between process versus behavioral issues in real time and what can you do?

  • …and so much more

Christine Calvin and Tania Fowler bring this talk to life playing with your own meeting nightmare scenarios and making sense of the issues. You will run out of our meeting wanting to call your own meeting right away to put what you learn to use! If meetings are a problem on your team or in your org. it’s time for a boost. That’s us! Reach out today.

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