What are MBTI's Temperament and Interaction Styles?

Temperament Pattern Theory refers to your inborn core drives, values, and talents.  From the time we are born these patterns can be observed. Temperament is an inborn and dynamic pattern open to influence both from the environment and our innate inner drivers. Our temperament patterns determine our behaviors as we are driven to fulfill core pattern needs of which we are mostly unaware. Knowing these temperament patterns helps you to navigate life and those around you with more clarity and with a more objective respect that we are each playing out a pattern and not purposefully trying to drive each other crazy. And since there are 7 billion people on the planet, you can imagine the variation and nuances that make up each temperament…

Also inborn, our Interaction Styles are based on observable behavioral patterns that help predict how we will react in a given situation. Essentially, interaction styles tell us a lot about how we communicate and organize ourselves in the world. As a member of a work team, it's the interaction styles of your teammates that you are likely to deal with on a day to day basis. Loaded with powerful information, this workshop teaches how we can learn to flex our communication style to meet the needs of those who have differing communication preferences.  Teams can learn to communicate more effectively based on an appreciation and understanding that we all bring different core drives and styles to the table when looking at solving problems and getting work done. 

Temperament and Interaction Styles (MBTI) Workshop:

Many people are familiar with the Myers Briggs 16-type personality indicator tool.  But many more people have never been exposed to the 4 Temperament and 4 Interaction Style Patterns that overlay those 16-types. It is much easier for individuals to grasp 4 patterns than 16, making the learning much more readily applicable to team dynamics. Temperament and Interaction Styles are chock full of valuable information that allow one to learn about innate personality and communication differences easily, learning only 4 types instead of 16.  Those 4 types unleash a multitude of possibilities for improved communication techniques between individuals. Plus, participants report that our workshop is both interesting and lots of fun making it a great teambuilding experience in itself.

The Temperament and Interaction Styles Workshop is a highly interactive, powerful tool for focusing your teams’ collective communication methods, allowing individual team members to work together more effectively and efficiently.

  • Interplay Coaching works with teams by teaching the 4 temperament patterns and 4 interaction style patterns that overlay Myers Briggs’ 16 types. It is much easier for individuals to grasp 4 patterns than 16, making the learning more readily applicable to team dynamics
  • Temperament and Interaction Styles training gives people an objective framework with which to examine how personality affects communication styles 
  • People take away great enjoyment and often a burst of energy from learning about their preferred temperaments and interaction styles.  They also enjoy learning about their teammates’ styles and how these preferences impact a team overall 

Workshop time is spent:

  • explaining the components of the 4 Temperament and the 4 Interaction Style patterns
  • interacting in a variety of exercises (including a game that solves a murder) as participants sort through information to discover their ‘types’
  • reviewing participant results of an online assessment taken prior to the workshop
  • helping individuals troubleshoot communication pitfalls by highlighting alternative communication options
  • promoting increased self-awareness and self-leadership of communication styles.  Participants will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own behaviors to better understand how to get their needs met while working closely with others
  • mapping the team, looking for areas of team strength and team weakness and devising strategies for accommodating those areas
  • providing a template with information on how to fold the workshop learning into daily work practices
  • facilitating a Q & A session

Participants will receive:

  • 2 workbooks; one describing, in full detail, Temperament Styles and the other, Interaction Styles
  • A report outlining their MBTI results (the online assessment) filled with information on the 4 patterns of Temperament and Interaction Styles

We ask leaders to help us create a safe environment by:

  • demonstrating leadership and enthusiastically embracing implementation of the work
  • ensuring confidentiality
  • asking for willing participation of team members
  • helping people feel like they are free to explore their personality and not be labeled, intimidated, or put in a box
  • understanding that participants get to choose their best fit pattern regardless of assessment outcomes

Interested in having a Temperament and Interaction Styles Workshop for your team?

  • We strongly recommend the one or two-day program for high-performance results.
  • Trainings and workshops are made more impactful with follow-up implementation coaching.  This is where Interplay Coaching really shines:  we sit with you to help you implement the model’s goals within your organization.
  • Prerequisites for the workshop include an online individual assessment 

Contact us for more information on how we can structure this workshop to suit your needs.