A staggering number of books attempt to teach the art of successful leadership. Yet, in theory, successful leadership isn’t complicated: One person or group leads another toward a collective goal by articulating a vision with clarity, finding talented people to make it happen, garnering resources, allowing for a creative process, and navigating problems while communicating effectively and courageously.

Good leaders and managers build trust, develop people’s capabilities and forge stronger organizations with functionally interdependent departments.

Great leaders and managers listen and are solution oriented; they are filled with curiosity and courage. And they embody the adage that Ralph Waldo Emerson so brilliantly observed, “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” In theory, successful leadership isn’t complicated…but it is darn hard; hence all those books. Everyone is watching. Assessing. Deciding.

From Boss to Coach is designed for leaders and managers at all levels who want to be better. Interplay Coaching challenges leaders to be curious and conscious about their roles as leaders. To effectively build trust and capabilities in our employees we must learn to ask more and tell less. 

From Boss to Coach Workshop purpose: 

Our From Boss to Coach Workshop helps you examine your own leadership style and offers solid skill development and tools meant to boost your abilities for working with and adapting to all kinds of people. This workshop teaches you the key principles of coaching and how to incorporate them into your work as a leader. Mastering these coaching skills can help you to enhance the talent of the people you work with and leverage the values, perspectives, insights, and creativity of your team to help you dominate your marketplace.

Workshop time is spent:

  • Challenging leaders to move “from boss to coach” rather than traditional, hierarchical leaders of organizations

  • Helping to distinguish between mentoring, advice giving, and coaching

  • Facilitating exercises that uncover your value system and purpose

  • Teaching leaders to tell less and ask more

  • Taking leaders through a series of fascinating and fun partner-driven coaching exercises that help people problem solve real issues

  • Practicing through a lively and fast paced theater exercise that helps to improve the speed and response times of your thinking

  • Training leaders in solid coaching principles so that coaching becomes another ‘arrow in the quiver’ that can be used in appropriate circumstances

Participants will receive:

  • A workbook detailing workshop exercises and coaching principles

We ask leaders to help us create a safe environment by:

  • Demonstrating leadership and management talent by enthusiastically embracing implementation of the work

  • Ensuring confidentiality

  • Asking for willing participation of team members

  • Helping people feel like they are free to make mistakes and not be labeled, intimidated, or put in a box

  • Understanding that participants are learning in a working lab for their own growth as leaders

Interested in having a From Boss to Coach Workshop for your team?

  • We strongly recommend the one or two-day program for the best results

  • Trainings and workshops are made more impactful with follow-up implementation coaching to help you apply the model’s goals within your organization.

Contact us for more information on how we can structure this workshop to suit your needs.