Improv. Scary right? Wrong! You and your team will have a blast and learn so much about each other when the only workshop rule is to say "yes, and..." Your jaw will drop in surprise and amazement as you watch your peers unleash their inner comic in this hilarious team-centric workshop! Plus working together in this way is a terrifically innovative way to build trust, the foundation of any high performing team. Interplay Coaching works with ClusterFunk Comedy to provide a lively, improvisational experience to replace traditional team-building. Facilitated by Caleb Lush this talented group of improvisers and comedians bring the fun to the work as they help to build you a more collaborative team in the best possible way, through humor. Be an actual team that both performs and performs. Team-building can be dope!

ClusterFunk Comedy puts it this way:

Whether you're looking to do team-building activities with your workmates, or something new and different with a group of friends over the weekend, improv will teach you how to support and collaborate with others while creating something hilarious together. If you've ever been afraid of public speaking, wondered what it would be like to improvise on stage, or just want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, we'd love to help you out!

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