What is a 360 Executive Leadership Study?


A 360 Executive Leadership Study reveals a collection of themes** concerning the leadership, management, and communication performance of an executive "study subject". The study is an interview based 360 revealing themes of the executive’s strengths and opportunities for growth. The collected and qualitative data of the report becomes an integral part of an actionable coaching plan for the executive.

The Process: 

The process for this study is relatively straightforward.  Interplay Coaching asks the study subject to write four to five questions regarding her leadership, management, and communication effectiveness for which she would like some feedback. The executive creates a list of approximately 10-20 people with whom Interplay Coaching conducts confidential interviews; however, I.C. specifies that direct bosses and any direct reports be included on the interview list. During the confidential interviews, I.C. encourages interviewees to speak candidly about their perspectives, observations, and work-related experiences with the study subject, and to offer any suggestions for improvement. The interviewees are informed that the report is written in a ‘theme-only’ manner with no reference to individual comments thereby honoring the interviewee's confidentiality. 

**Interplay Coaching compiles all interview information and finds “themes” regarding the executive’s leadership, management and communication effectiveness.  A theme is present when there are 3 or more similar comments. Samples of some common themes are as follow:

  • Needs to deal with prioritization/management/delegation more effectively
  • Communicate in a timely fashion and be more responsive to issues
  • Be less concerned about being liked and more focused on decision making
  • Be more intellectually curious particularly as it relates to work issues and communication with others

Participant will receive: 

  • a completed 360 Executive Leadership Study report summarizing the key themes revealed from the interviews
  • highlighted prominent themes extracted from interviews that list strengths and opportunities for growth of the executive
  • a section of actionable to-do’s that the executive can work on for his leadership, management and communication growth
  • a goal oriented and timeline driven coaching plan that is created collaboratively between the executive and Interplay Coaching
  • one-on-one coaching sessions based on a predetermined agreement with the client
  • follow-up 360 report after a minimum of 6 months of coaching, if desired

Every leader can be re-energized and benefit from one-on-one time spent with a person who has their back and supports their evolution. The 360 Executive Leadership Tool and follow-up coaching is an extraordinary investment in you, your team, and your organization. Our whole purpose is to propel you to your highest level of effectiveness.

Contact us for more information on how we can structure our Executive Leadership 360 tool to suit your needs.