Apply Disney's tools to you.

Apply Disney's tools to you.


Build the Culture.  Live the Culture.  Differentiate.

Doug Lipp is a distinguished consultant, business keynote speaker, eight-time business author and world authority on building esteemed organizational cultures. He helps companies see how values and culture form the essence of their business and provides clear insights on how they can build an even stronger brand. The foundation is values-based leadership, teamwork, and innovation.

The Lessons of Disney U are now available online via Leadership Magic.  Interplay Coaching is honored to facilitate these lessons to organizations, connecting teams to the time-tested, legendary Disney values-based culture of leadership and service excellence.

Tania had the honor of working alongside Pam and Doug to help provide valuable input into developing the workbook training materials that accompany over 40  Leadership Magic training modules.

In addition, Tania can help provide Train-the-Trainer programs, helping your internal training leaders integrate valuable lessons from Disney U into existing training programs.

Leadership Magic video modules plus a seasoned facilitator provides flexible options, helping organizations think about and implement a training & development infrastructure that is highly responsive to their employees and their customers. Want to know more, click here...