Interplay Coaching will happily facilitate a meeting targeted to your specific needs. Whether it's a strategy session, a team offsite, company retreat, board meeting, or training of some kind, we meet with you to clearly understand the outcomes you seek. Then we custom design and facilitate the meeting to help you get to those outcomes.

How we do it: 

While every group is different, our process will hit on the following:

  • A pre-event meeting with key lead players to discuss the problem you want to solve and the context of what has been going on with the group that will participate in the meeting. We seek to understand the outcomes you are looking for and how to prioritize those outcomes 
  • Propose a rough-draft agenda and then tweak it, with input from key players, to get to the final agenda 
  • Discuss the merits of creating a "lighting round agenda" as this one activity gets participants to sit up and pay closer attention since the lightning round discussion is more relevant to their work
  • Design interactive exercises to open up discussions that lead to embraceable actions for the team
  • Facilitate the meeting/event using an interactive and careful listening approach
  • Provide all needed materials for the participants
  • When needed, advise on appropriate site requirements including site selection, preparations, and logistics for the event
  • Offering guidance on processes and tool selection for capturing proceedings, ideas, and outcomes at the live event
  • Debriefing with key leaders and interested participants to assess how the event tracked to outcomes, as well as to capture meeting discussions, generated ideas, strategies, goals, and possible next steps
  • Advise on post-event follow-up strategies and follow-up coaching

Overall, our process and workshop is designed to grab people creating highly interactive and productive in-person meetings where participants take ownership of the proceedings and are motivated to create meaningful outcomes.

Contact us for more information on Custom Facilitations for your organization.