Assertive and aggressive two words that are constantly confused. Interplay Coaching's Assertive vs. Aggressive workshop will prove that it’s aggressive responses are easy, but assertiveness wins in the end.

Assertive vs. Aggressive Workshop: 

Our Assertive vs. Aggressive Workshop helps you to examine your own leadership style, offering solid skill development and tools meant to boost your abilities for working with and adapting to all kinds of people. This workshop teaches you the key differences between communication behaviors and their strengths and weaknesses.

Workshop time is spent:

  • Reviewing the differences between aggressive, assertive, passive, and passive-aggressive communication styles
  • Working through different scenarios for aggressive and assertive behavior
  • Teaching participants to tell less and ask
  • Learning the power of asking good questions
  • Learning how to give feedback in a constructive, trust-building way
  • Training participants in coaching principles so they are better empowered for effective interactions

Participants will receive: 

  • Information on successful assertive communication traits
  • Material differentiating between aggressive, assertive, passive, and passive aggressive behavior
  • Guide to Asking Good Questions 
  • Preparation worksheet for having a challenging conversation
  • Tool on giving constructive feedback

Interested in having an Assertive Vs. Aggressive Workshop for your team?

  • We strongly recommend the one or two-day program for best results
  • Trainings and workshops are made more impactful with follow-up implementation coaching to help you to apply the model's goals within your organization.  

Contact us for more information on how we can structure this workshop to suit your needs.