'Assertive' and 'Aggressive': two words that are constantly mixed up to imply the other. The fact that there is so much conflict in our workplaces is an indication that aggressive behavior is often the default approach over the more considered and conscious assertive route. Our Assertive Vs. Aggressive workshop proves to the participant, through small group activities, that it is much easier for one to choose aggressiveness over assertiveness. But 'easy' isn't always the best answer.

So what's the difference? This Assertive Vs. Aggressive Workshop helps define the distinction between assertive and aggressive behavior as well as passive and passive aggressive behaviors which all live on the same behavior continuum. Participants discover, in relevant and meaningful ways, why assertive behavior is more likely to get you what you want and why aggressive behavior often gets you in to trouble.

Assertive Vs. Aggressive Workshop: 

Our Assertive Vs. Aggressive Workshop focuses you to examine your own leadership style and offers solid skill development and tools meant to boost your abilities for working with and adapting to all kinds of people. This workshop teaches you the key principles of coaching and how to incorporate them into your work as a leader. Mastering these coaching skills can help you to enhance the talent of the people you work with and leverage the values, perspectives, insights, and creativity of your team to help you dominate your marketplace.

Workshop time is spent:

  • Challenge leaders to become “leaders as coaches” rather than traditional, hierarchical leaders of organizations
  • Help distinguish between mentoring, advice giving, and coaching
  • Facilitate exercises in uncovering your value system and purpose
  • Teach leaders to ‘tell’ less and ‘ask’ more
  • Take leaders through a series of fascinating and fun partner driven exercises meant to elicit a more curious nature in helping people problem solve real issues
  • Show leaders how to improve the speed of their thinking and response times in a lively exercise
  • Train leaders in solid coaching principles so that coaching becomes another ‘arrow in the quiver’ that can be used in appropriate circumstances

Participants will receive:

  • A workbook detailing workshop exercises as well as definitions for assertive, aggressive, passive aggressive and passive behaviors and what they look like in action

Interested in having an Assertive Vs. Aggressive Workshop for your team?

  • We strongly recommend the one or two-day program for high-performance results.
  • Trainings and workshops are made more impactful with follow-up implementation coaching.  This is where Interplay Coaching really shines: we sit with you to help you implement the model’s goals within your organization.

Contact us for more information on how we can structure this workshop to suit your needs.