Your boss tells you to "go be aggressive out there!" But is that really what he means? The words aggressive and assertive are constantly confused and misused. If you believe words matter then it's time to drill down into what your boss is really asking and why he might be disappointed with the result.


This talk helps to clarify what is actually meant by "aggressive" vs. "assertive". These behaviors sit along a behavioral continuum that also include passive and passive aggressive behaviors. We will go through all of these descriptors to help you identify aspirational behavioral goals while leaving behind less productive behavioral patterns you might default into depending on the situation. This talk will begin to take you and your team on the behavioral journey to the more positive outcomes you all seek. Well...most of us.

Our Assertive vs. Aggressive talk helps your group examine their own communication styles, offering solid skill development and tools designed to boost their abilities for working with and adapting to all kinds of people. No one lives in a vacuum. A good toolkit is needed.

Participants will receive:

  • Information on successful assertive communication traits

  • Material differentiating between aggressive, assertive, passive, and passive aggressive behavior

  • Guide to Asking Good Questions

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