Board Retreats/Company Offsite: Interplay Coaching will work with your organization to develop and facilitate a fun, inspired, and thought-provoking board retreat or company offsite. We listen to what it is you want to accomplish and develop relevant and compelling exercises to heighten individual and group learning. No ‘trust falls’ here, rather we work to make the content real and accessible to your team’s needs. See our Custom Facilitations page for more details.

Coaching for College Students/Graduates: Do you know a student just getting started in college or who’s about to graduate? Interplay Coaching works with college level students to help them understand themselves better, learn about what motivates them, how they communicate, and what careers may be a natural fit for them. We do this by helping them understand their inborn temperaments and interaction styles and by asking questions about their life aspirations. Students and graduates find this coaching to be hugely valuable as they go forward in life. And, they tell us it’s fun to learn about who they are and dive into where they want to go. See our Temperament and Interaction Styles training page for more information.

Temperament and Interaction Styles for Families, Friends, & Clubs: Temperament and interaction styles training reveals insights that allow teams to work better together. But what team is more important than a family? A family is the first team we’re all exposed to, and while everyone on that team may think they know the players well, a temperament and interaction style session with every member of the family (high school ages & up) uncovers core drives that helps family members see each other as the adults they are.! This is a great tool for understanding each other in a less emotional and more objective way. It’s fun, surprising, and families come away energized having enjoyed what they learned about one another and themselves. Family members have shared that they find more empathic ways of dealing with each other and continue to think about the information learned years after the training.  See our Temperament and Interaction Styles training page for more information.

Contact us for more information on how we can structure these facilitations to suit your needs.