No matter the industry, the stumbling blocks are all too similar: technology overload, fewer resources, heightened performance expectations, communication snafus, people problems and a mismatch between workload and available time. Interplay Coaching works with organizations to help make them stronger, healthier and focused on aligning team efforts with their stated purpose. 

We make it our purpose to help your organization interplay better together. 

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I was thoroughly impressed with Tania’s professionalism. She gave a fantastic presentation that engaged our members and encouraged their participation. They interacted with her and took notes throughout the program. Tania was so personable that she even stepped right in and engaged with our members during the networking portion of our event. I can’t say enough positive words about her! The program itself provided excellent, hand-on tools that attendees could implement in their organizations.
— Heather Woods, Marketing and Communications Director, BOMA


“You say obvious things in a really interesting and thoughtful way.”
— Chicago cab driver to Tania
Tania is a great facilitator, warm, insightful, humorous, fast on her feet. Tania worked her wonders in an intelligent, perceptive, and yet very accessible way. We hope to continue to work with Tania and I certainly recommend her.
— Valerie Pechenik, Chief HR Officer, Asian Art Museum of SF
Insightful. Creative. Other-centered. Steadfast.
Tania embodies each of these epithets.
Insightful in that she identifies leadership and organizational patterns overlooked by far too many. Tania’s creativity emerges each time she helps teams transform leadership patterns into learning opportunities. Her other-centered coaching style deftly blends honesty with empathy. Tania steadfastly pursues new approaches and strategies, and helps her clients do the same.
— Doug Lipp; Author of Disney U & International Key Note Speaker
“Tania’s change-management, communications and team-building expertise have been invaluable to my professional development. Through her coaching, I have been able to engage my team in increased employee engagement, motivation, and goal achievement. Her one-on-one coaching has provided me with a host of communications and troubleshooting tools I didn’t previously possess. Tania is worth every dollar, and I have recommended her to other individuals and companies looking to overcome behavioral barriers, grow management skills and improve leadership capabilities.”
— Christine Calvin, Communications & Marketing Director, Crocker Art Museum



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